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Toddler Drowns in Backyard Pool

On May 22, 2015 a 21-month-old boy was pulled from a backyard pool in the 4600 block of West Tyson Street by family members.  The child’s parents started CPR and rushed him to a nearby Chandler Fire station, where life-saving measures were continued by personnel from Chandler Fire, Health, & Medical.  Soon after his arrival at the fire station, Chandler Fire, Health, & Medical personnel transported the boy to a local hospital.

In the afternoon of May 23, 2015 the child died as a result of his injuries.

This incident is a tragic reminder of the necessary steps to lower the risk of a child or vulnerable adult from becoming a drowning victim:

  • Secure – Utilize and maintain an approved pool barrier such as a fence or net. Barriers are only effective if they are properly installed, utilized for their stated purpose, and regularly maintained.
  • Supervise – Children should never be allowed in the vicinity of a pool or other waterway such as a lake, canal, or irrigation ditch without constant adult supervision. A responsible adult should be in charge of maintaining a constant watch of pool at any time when a child or vulnerable adult is within the vicinity.  NEVER ALLOW CHILDREN TO SUPERVISE CHILDREN!
  • Train – Be prepared for the unthinkable and learn CPR. Write down the 911 emergency-number in a conspicuous place such as a refrigerator or kitchen cabinet.  Include the phone number and address of the home.

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