The City of Chandler offers competitive entry level salary and benefits package. As an officer’s career progresses additional advancement opportunities become available.

Salary for recruits

The current annual salary for a police officer starts at $26.17 per hour.  Overtime is paid at a rate of time and a half. The annual salary does not include uniforms and other equipment provided by the department. Field training officers receive an additional 5% added on their base salary. Bilingual officers (Spanish only) may earn up to 5% additional based upon skill level.

Salary for Lateral Police Officer

Lateral Officer Pay Scale

  • 1 year experience = $27.80
  • 2 years of experience = $29.18
  • 3 years of experience = $30.64
  • 4 years of experience = $32.19
  • 5 years of experience = $33.80
  • 6 years of experience = $35.49
  • 7+ years of experience = $37.26

Work Hours

Most police officers work a four day work week with ten hours each day. In addition, officers who begin their shift in the afternoon or evening hours receive a shift differential.


Police officers are eligible for a retirement pension through the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).   For further information please see Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System on their website at for further details.

Vacation, Leave, Sick Time

As a new police officer, you will accumulate paid vacation time at a rate of 101 hours the first year progressing to 197 hours at twenty years. You will also receive 96 hours of sick time and 10 paid holiday hours a year.

Additional Benefits

  • City paid life insurance
  • City paid Retirement Health Savings Plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Medical and dental plans
  • Deferred compensation plan